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Evaluate your cyber risk management program to identify strengths and address gaps

Pinpoint the cyber risks that are relevant to your specific organization and understand the potential harm they pose against your business. Advance your business approach to cyber risk management for effective decision-making and risk mitigation.

Family of Services

These services are offered individually or jointly.

Cyber Risk Management Operations Service

Identify and manage relevant cyber risks to enable effective, risk-based decision making.

Crown Jewels Security Assessment

Identify, protect and defend your most critical business assets from harmful compromise.

Threat Modeling Security Service

Discover unidentified business and security risks through effective, dynamic system analysis.

Cyber Security Program Assessment

Evaluate your security program to prioritize investments, increase resiliency and reduce risk.

Cyber Security Due Diligence Service

Realize and mitigate inherited cyber risks associated with business transactions, relationships and systems out of direct control.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Improve and stabilize your vulnerability management processes with proven risk-based security strategies.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Uplift Risk Strategies: Improve your risk management functional capabilities with corrective program actions and risk-based decision-making.
  2. Increase Business Value: Properly balance your business innovations, security safeguards and related investment priorities.
  3. Protect Critical Assets: Identify and align specific cyber threats to your organization with critical business assets.
  4. Improve Decision-Making: Lead decisions with risk analysis that leverages detailed threat intelligence and attacker insights.
  5. Enhance Risk Prioritization: Develop integration capabilities with enterprise functions to ensure the right security risk context is applied when prioritizing business efforts.

Key Service Features

  • Relevant Threats: Deep focus on relevant threats that affect your organization’s specific business environment.
  • Comprehensive Recommendations: Step-by-step guidance to reduce risk, improve security safeguards and implement risk-based strategic plans for short- and long-term success.
  • Customized Approach: A family of services, available individually or jointly, to fit your organizational budgets and cyber risk management program objectives, at scale.
  • Discipline Drivers: Advanced cyber risk management methodologies based on frontline expertise and unparalleled threat intelligence.
  • Risk Translation: Critical risk-based findings communicated to the executive level for buy-in of future security investments.

Our Methodology

Mandiant’s Cyber Risk Management Security Services begin with a review of your existing cyber risk controls environment and in-scope processes to evaluate your security safeguards and overall business approach to cyber risks.

Our experts take these findings to identify program deficiencies and develop practical, technical, strategic and prioritized recommendations to build or improve your cyber risk management program and achieve a mature security posture—ultimately mitigating future risks and their level of impact to your business.

Mandiant does this by combining extensive experience responding to intrusions carried out by advanced threat actors worldwide, industry-leading threat intelligence, extensible tested methodologies and purpose-built technology.

Each of our cyber risk management security services offers a specific focus area to fit your business needs. Designed to provide a sound understanding of best practice elements needed to conduct an informed cyber risk analysis and operate effective risk-based programs, the results will put value back into your organization by effectively protecting what matters most.

Cyber Risk Management Services FAQ

Why is a cyber security due diligence assessment important for mergers and acquisitions? expand_more

A cyber security due diligence assessment helps identify and mitigate inherited cyber risks associated with business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions and other business relationships outside of an organization’s direct control.

How do you evaluate cyber risk during the due diligence period? expand_more

Strategic assessments and technical evaluations provide outputs that are analyzed to meet specific organizational objectives and speak to potential business impact, business relationships, forms of access and system integration.

Who is responsible for acting on the long-term cyber security improvement recommendations? expand_more

Organizations have the choice to implement the best practice recommendations independently or partner with a trusted cyber security advisor to guide them with hands-on collaboration throughout the process.

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